Latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Boxes Weren’t Planned

The most popular franchise Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s design director, David Vonderhaar, has defended a gaming interview where he said that Blackout characters would be only be locked behind the missions. The interview resurfaced after the latest update of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Operation Grand Heist, snuck multiple loot boxes into the game and trapped some of the new characters inside them.
It has become increasingly hard to escape Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s microtransactions. It is a premium game with a season pass, a battle pass, cosmetic shop and now these loot crates, called reserve crates in-game.
Vonderhaar said that, knowing what he knew then, the video of the interview was published in September 2018, that was the answer he could only give.
At the time this interview was being conducted, which was previous to shipping the Call of Duty game, that is precisely and exactly how it worked. If I went back in time and re-did this interview, I would have to answer it the similar way I did then, he said.
He pointed out that changes occur across the development process, and they are not always decisions of design. Specialists being unlocked through various microtransactions and new characters being added through the season pass are two such instances, both of which changed after the interview.
I can easily tell you what we have done and what we are planning on doing further, but things change that even I cannot predict or I did not know about, he continued his saying. Doubly true with the side of business things that have very little or small insight into and even much less control over.
The alternative, then he said, was not giving the interviews at all.
Latest Call of DutyBlack Ops 4 Loot Boxes Weren't Planned
I answer all the questions as best I can with the complete data and information I have at the time I am asked. If the time passes and things have since changed, you could accuse me of not being visionary, but a liar is someone who is purposefully trying to false and deceive you. That is just not the case.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s performance, particularly retail, did not meet the expectations of popular publisher Activision, which recently reported record profits and laid off hundreds and thousands of people.
When Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist was properly disclosed just before its grand launch, it was not remotely clear that loot boxes would be the price of all the major new stuff. And they are the worst kind of loot boxes ever: they cannot be earned just by playing the game. You need to spend some cash and you still might end up with poor the rewards and even various duplicates.
Because of an exclusivity deal with Sony company, PC players have yet to open any of these mega loot boxes. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist launched on PS4 console on Wednesday, but everyone else will have to wait until the next coming week.
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Everyone’s favorite PUBG and free to play MMO Tera do not seem like quite a logical pairing, but here we are, telling you that a trailer full of cute critters and elfy-types doing their best and the most attractive PUBG cosplay, complete with functioning AK-47s. Crates, planes and goodies will appear in the fantasy world for a month-long collaboration, because why not? Check out the trailer on youtube or on the offiial website of PUBG or MMO Tera.
Players can enjoy PUBG-themed battles and earn various PUBG costumes items and a lot of other rewards during the TERA × PUBG Crossover event from March 5, 2019 through April 5, 2019.
MMO Tera players of level 60 and above can participate in this special event. Each and every day during the event, for two hours each and every day, level 70 PUBG Tuwangis soldiers and guardians will spawn throughout Northern Arun while various supply crates parachute drop in from the sky. Beat down the Tuwangis or smash the crates for event rewards of keys, event consumables, crates, and Battle Points, which players can trade in for exclusive PUBG helmets.
Need a short break from the battle? Hang out in a PUBG-themed Highwatch filled with a fleet of trucks and planes.
Log in for at least an hour each and every day during the event for daily rewards of crates and keys. Earn even a lot of keys, Battle Points and crates doing what MMO Tera players usually do—completing dungeons and battling bosses.
Then spend your hard-earned Battle Points in MMO Tera’s in-game PUBG exclusive Shop for two premium permanent helmets and a various number of event consumables.
PUBG and MMO Tera have always made a great team. Not only do we have the same parent company, En Masse has a special love for the PUBG game. Everyone helped with PAX support, Alpha testing and housed Brendon, Shimmer and Sammie are in the offices for several months.
Everyone in the team is excited to bring their love of PUBG to MMO Tera players on March 5. Until then, you can enjoy the trailer on youtube. Winner, winner, PUBG dinner!
Though they have got exactly nothing in common, both PUBG and MMO Tera are owned by Bluehole, which explains the collaboration of worlds. MMO Tera’s been kicking around since 2012, and it is stuck around for a lot longer than anyone would have ever expected. Phil gave it a 64 in his review of MMO Tera, calling out the dreary solo game and rubbish early levels. It shined in various groups, however. But after seven years, things are likely a little bit different.
Bluehole may be thinking that connecting it to a much popular, larger, more current game for a month will give it quite a wee boost. Since it went free to play years ago, there is quite nothing stopping you from taking a quick tour of MMO Tera.
Once the event starts, Tera’s most popular Highwatch region will be littered with planes—decorative and jeeps, we are afraid while players will be able to earn themed pets, daily logins, cosmetics and, presumably, chicken dinners.
It starts next month on March 5.
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Role of Mobile Technology in Shaping Modern Education System

In this century it is safe to say that changing technology is the only constant. Within a span of a decade, the modes of imparting and receiving an education have changed at an unrecognizable pace. Search engines are the ultimate encyclopedias available to one and all; books are replaced by tablets, mobile phones, Macbooks. Even the mode of all major exams is now online rather than the traditional paper pen method. Is this a welcoming change?
role of mobile technology in shaping modern education system
Opinions to that question may vary but one thing is certain mobile technology is the engine of revolution in shaping modern education system.
Here are some thoughts to it.
  • Knowledge for all- Anytime, Anywhere
With better internet connectivity and easy availability of mobile devices, education is in reach of each one who desires it. No tuition fee or travel cost, it is like having a teacher with you all the time. With E-Books and other material available at your fingertips, it doesn’t matter if you are travelling somewhere or it’s an odd hour in the night, you can always learn.
  • Availability of online courses
With a wide variety of online courses available at affordable prices and many times free of cost, students from lower-income groups can now avail desired education.
  • Speedy Evaluation and Result Declaration
Now results are calculated much faster and feedbacks are provided and received by both teachers and students. With instant feedbacks students can work on their mistakes and move on to next assignment.
  • Upgraded and Flexible
Now education is not limited to set a number of books and classrooms, rather now students and teachers both can compare their work with world-class educational institutes, send it for evaluation and look for new horizons. Students can opt for non-conventional area of study and seek help from the world’s best.
  • Life Long Learning
Now education is not something available to particular age group individuals in an organised institutional system, rather it is now at the reach of anybody and everybody who seeks knowledge.
  • An Added Element of Fun
With new age interactive classrooms where teachers use videos and animations to enhance the overall process of learning and understanding, going to school is no more a burden for the young ones. With these methods, we can enhance their cognitive skills and help them in adopting new technology.
  • New and Fresh Content
One of the major advantages of having a variety of e-books and other necessary content online is the availability of fresh content. The books which are used in school and colleges are not necessarily updated but with mobile, in our hands, we can always stay updated.
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Share What You Are Watching on Netflix to Your Instagram Story

Netflix which has created its own niche in the entertainment with its incredible stories, the variety of shows and of course enormous fan base across the globe. Without a doubt, it has blurred the class, regional and language barriers when it comes to storytelling with its close to reality, intense and fresh shows. Always being in the news for good or bad reasons, Netflix has moved a notch up with its latest update in the iOS version of its mobile application.
share what you are watching on netflix to your instagram story
You can share what you are watching directly to your Instagram stories
Starting with the iPhone users, Netflix now plans to sync the Netflix and Instagram Apps where users can instantly share the ‘Title’s customised art’ of the show they are watching on Netflix to their Instagram stories.
The latest iOS update released on 22 January enables the iPhone users to enjoy this feature.
How to do it?   
It is as simple as it could be! When on the title page of Netflix, the user before tapping “resume” or “play” can hit share icon. Here you get a choice to share it via various other platforms along with Instagram stories, press Instagram stories and…Voila! The artwork from Netflix shall appear as your latest Instagram story. Not just this one can create polls, add stickers etc. to it.
This streaming mogul has said that it always wants its users to share among themselves the shows and other content they are obsessed with so the others can try it out too.
Though there hasn’t been an official statement about the release of Android version of this update, the word on the street is that if the current update is a hit, it shall be released soon.
 Already kick-starting 2019 with likes of Birdbox, You and Fyre Festival, Netflix is set to widen the horizons of the parallel universe it has created.
Netflix has managed to dominate the conversations on major social media platforms be it memes, discussions or just fan pages and this step shall further their reach to a sizeable user base especially the millennials.  The feature to share the shows is not precisely new was earlier available to the users. One could share them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter, text messages etc. With ever-expanding users of Instagram crossing the 1 billion mark, Netflix has made this smart move to strengthen its presence further.
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Mark Zuckerberg Seeks to Merge Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

Facebook Inc. CEO, Zuckerberg, made a big announcement declaring his plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Business analysts consider it an act by the company further asserting its control over its divisions.
In his statement, the Facebook chief said that they want to provide the best messaging experience, which is private, fast, reliable and easy to use.
mark zuckerberg seeks to merge instagram, whatsapp, and messenger
The three messaging services will, however, continue to function as stand-alone apps with their unified technical infrastructure. Bringing world’s biggest messaging networks together would make it possible for more than 2.5 billion users to communicate across platforms. The most significant attribute will be the incorporation of end-to-end encryption in all the apps. This feature would enhance the security, as the people involved can view their conversation. The basic idea is finalised but financial and other technical aspects are yet to be finalised. Facebook is trying to hold its ground against the privacy breach allegations from all corners of the world, a step like this would enhance trust among its users. The target is to finish integration by the end of this year or by the first quarter of 2020. It will need a huge workforce to concentrate their energies first to understand the very basics of each of these apps and then reconfigure them on to unify their underlying infrastructure. Post-unification any Facebook user can send an encrypted message to another user who only uses WhatsApp and vice versa, keeping its billions of users highly engaged.
This move by the company of keeping all its apps’ stitched together would increase Facebook’s utility and will keep the users highly engaged within its ecosystem. Further, as users would interact more often within these apps, Facebook’s advertising would get a high jump.  The move aimed at eliminating rival messaging apps by providing an integrated platform with a more significant user base connected seamlessly with each other.
The past few years have been trying for Facebook, and it seems to have no end to its problems. The Facebook suffered massive losses with its shares falling post each of its scandals and the Chief is trying to keep it all together by checking the antitrust and privacy concerns of industry and Facebook users. Zuckerberg is working to integrate the apps, as he believes tighter integration of apps will be beneficial for Facebook and its entire family of apps and expand the utility of its social network.
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Fortnite prepares to remove Quad Launcher

Fortnite is known for continually introducing and removing content in the game to provide players with new and different in-game interactions.
And this time Epic Games developers are ready to eliminate the Quad Launcher from the Fortnite gameplay.
In the past seasons, Fortnite has vaulted a number of items to provide balanced gameplay, as every item provides different possible interactions in the game.
fortnite prepares to remove quad launcher
It becomes essential to determine that no item is too overpowered which would disturb the gameplay, like the infinity blade which was first nerfed then vaulted due to the immense advantage it provided to the bearer.
Whenever a new item is added to the game, it creates new dynamics and possibilities for players to avail an edge over the other player.
So developers at Fortnite have to continually maintain the in-game balance to provide equal opportunity for every individual player in the game.
This time Eric Williamson, lead developer at Fortnite posted on Twitter announcing that this upcoming week there would be a few more vaulted items including the Quad Launcher.
Although he clarified about the upcoming tweaks with the shield and vehicle availability.
Still, he just teased the fans with announcing that with the upcoming weak various items would be vaulted and gave particular emphases to the Quad Launcher.
The Quad Launcher was included in the Fortnite in October 2018 and is a ranged weapon, which provided players with an alternative of destroying the opponent’s defensive structure rather than indulging in the close combat.
When this dynamic weapon was introduced various community and fans claimed this weapon to be not balanced for the in-game experiences and instead required some nerf.
 Various Reddit forums were filled with blogs and posts addressing this issue and demanded Quad Launcher be balanced.
It is believed that developers at Epic Games realised the major backlash against this OP weapon and instead of nerfing it, they decided to vault it.
Although many gamers would enjoy this design of vaulting the Quad Launcher, still many pro gamers and streamers instead wished this weapon to be nerfed and not removed.
In addition to the vaulting of this OP weapon Eric also indicated that in the coming week some changes would also be disclosed for shield availability and spawning of vehicles would also be reduced.
It would be quite interesting to observe which other weapons in the Fortnite would have to face the vaulting process as there may be few other weapons that could be removed from the game.
Robert Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Boxes Weren’t Planned

The most popular franchise Call of Duty:  Black Ops 4’s  design director, David Vonderhaar, has defended a gaming interview where he sa...